TJ and LYNZI. Alt-Pop Music for the people.
Just two insane artists who believe music can change the world.

Backstory -
TJ from New York City and LYNZI from Texas found their musical destinies intertwined when they met in Costa Rica in 2019 during a songwriters workshop. The spark was instant, and songs flowed naturally between them. They both moved to Los Angeles several months after and spent the pandemic writing song after song together, merging their individual styles to develop what PIXIEPUNK sounds like today. Infusing elements from iconic sounds like Fleetwood Mac with the raw innovation of Kanye West meets Twenty One Pilots/Imagine Dragons, their music tells a story that's both vintage and ethereal.


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Towards the end of the pandemic they started self producing, releasing, and performing their music under their former band name "Mercury & The Architects". But their journey was never straightforward. From sold-out LA shows, to sync projects, to health challenges, the pandemic, and a maze of ill-fated business deals—their passion and mission kept them grounded. With every challenge, they've emerged stronger, wiser, and more dedicated to their craft.In PIXIEPUNK, you get the full spectrum: TJ, the poet, rapper, singer/songwriter, and LYNZI, the pop sensation with a captivating voice and songwriting brilliance of her own.Guided by the production of Kenny Carkeet, formerly of AWOLNATION, their sound becomes an anthem of authenticity. A timeless reminder to remain genuine in a world of facades. Accompanied by the pianist and longtime collaborator Chelsea Rae, along with various musician friends, their live show is an epic, one of a kind musical experience.

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As they venture forward with the name PIXIEPUNK, their message remains consistent: "the revolution is love" + “think for yourself”. They’re not just about making music; they're about creating lasting echoes that resonate with the soul and inspire the heart to stay true. Dive into their world, and let PIXIEPUNK take you on a journey of love, resilience, and unwavering dedication.